Blog: Increasing attention for the value of animal fat

Animal fat contributes to a circular economy, in which the raw materials remain in the cycle for as long as possible and the energy transition is feasible and affordable.

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What is biofuel?

Biofuel is a collective name for fuels made from biomass. Biodiesel is the most well-known liquid fuel for transportation.

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Are food crops used?

About 80% of the biodiesel we use in the Netherlands is made from used frying fat. 12% comes from animal fat that is not suitable for human consumption. Hardly any food crops are used for our biodiesel.

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Is biodiesel sustainable?

Biodiesel is a sustainable alternative to fossil diesel. It is made from renewable materials. Renewable means: material that cannot be exhausted, such as fossil raw materials.

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Does biodiesel lead to deforestation?

In the Netherlands we mainly use biodiesel that is made from residues, such as used frying fat. No trees are cut for our biodiesel.

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Is biodiesel a fuel for the future?

In the coming decades, biodiesel will still be essential for making our transport sector more sustainable. Biodiesel is a liquid fuel with a high energy content, ideal for applications where a lot of power is required.

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Is biodiesel good for my car engine?

The inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel, used peanut oil-based biodiesel to power the first diesel engine more than a hundred years ago. Biodiesel has good lubricating properties, which keeps the engine running smoothly.

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